What is webPHAMIS?

PHAMIS stands for "PHysician Account Management Information System." And just as it sounds, it allows client access to our systems to review accounts in detail. These measures provide our clients with unprecedented control and tracking capability so that WFS can be held to the promised performance standards. webPHAMIS is a cloud-based system and has been designed to be completely browser and hardware independent. There is virtually no set-up time involved - all you need is internet access. You and/or your staff members can access the system from home or from any hand held device that allows internet access. This service includes:

  • SAS – software as service – entry of patient information
  • ICD-9 – select from up-to-date online tables [ICD-10 ready]
  • CPT-4 – select from practice tables to ensure proper charges
  • Integrated scheduling module
  • Claim scrubbing prior to submission
  • Electronic Remittance Advice posting
  • Can download data from hospital registration to match to charges and diagnoses
  • Can interface with any EHR through standard HL7 messages
  • Online medical record and prescription history
  • 'Auto' Notes available – and customizable
  • Noting at both patient and 'visit' level
  • Able to attach/store documents at both patient and 'visit' level
  • Explosion code set up
  • Pre-authorization tracking
  • Hardware/Software independent – just need Internet access
  • 24/7 Accessibility so can access/update as convenient
  • Medicaid batch matching functionality
  • Remote training via WebEx
  • Multiple simultaneous access – 'unlimited' logins available

All these services are available to you, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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