Your Partner in Physician Practice Management

WFS’ primary focus is to ensure that your revenues are maximized through the efficient and effective processing and follow up on all submitted accounts. By applying a systematic and proactive approach to the Revenue Cycle, you can be assured of accelerated and improved cash flow.

WFS-Med, a division of WFS, provides physician practice management services including:

  • Easily and quickly implemented practice management software - webPHAMIS - with ‘EMR lite’ capabilities
  • Credentialing support
  • Patient portal for questions and payments
  • Ability to easily and quickly interface with almost any software to download patient demographic and insurance information
  • Coding reviews for practices
  • Experiential data 'scrubber' which is constantly updated
  • Online Practice Dashboard to provide up-to-the-minute reporting on an 'as desired' basis
  • SHOWTIME - Our integrated scheduling module
  • Contract management capabilities
  • Webex based training that can be set up at anytime
  • Ability to deal with both hospital based and stand alone practices/physicians
  • Local presence to maximize your control over the process

Our Customer Service Department is exceptional. WFS does not outsource any of our customer service or technology functions. All calls are answered here in Secaucus, NJ and all production is generated and mailed first class from here. Not only do we have our Customer Service Department available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, we also have a web based help desk that is available to the patients 24/7. allows patients to submit questions online and to make SSL-secured payments online as well.

WFS’ primary focus is to ensure that our client revenues are maximized through the efficient and effective processing and follow up on all referred accounts. By applying a systematic and proactive approach to the Accounts Receivable, we can add a level of service that is only achieved with a true business partner.

Implementation - NOT a dirty word!

WFS has years of experience with successful implementations. We work closely with our clients and put our experience to work for their benefit.

Time frames for “go-live” are generally very short, but do depend on the resources you can commit to the process. Our usual time frame for implementation is under 5 business days. The longest lead time item is typically getting set up to submit to Medicare/ Medicaid; however, we can begin data entry for services in as little as one day.

Value Added Services

Credentialing Services

WFS provides a wide range of credentialing services from management of quarterly CAQH updates to relinking providers with payers all the way to group number creation and new credentialing with payers. By using our credentialing services, physicians can be assured of the most expedited and professional service. A separate fee schedule does apply.

Denial Management

The primary step in Denial Management is to prevent the denials in the first place. Using our robust technology, all bills submitted through our system pass through several layers of Quality Control processes and a detailed, experiential 'scrubber'.

Denials are categorized in multiple layers: HIPAA claim adjustment codes, payer, provider, procedure, et al.

Charge Master/Fee Schedule Development

WFS will build an electronic Charge Master, based upon information given to us by your practice. This Charge Master will contain the billing codes and your contracted rates, if available. The Charge Master is updated annually and WFS assists the practice with CPT code update/change/deletion as required. The fee schedule can be mass updated by a dollar amount or percentage as directed by you.

Self-Pay Follow-Up

WFS' timely and proactive follow-up combines with sophisticated techniques and a proprietary computer system to motivate patients to resolve outstanding accounts and assist in turning receivables into cash as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the insurance company has paid its portion of the claim, WFS sends patient friendly statements out which list services rendered, payments received, and the reason for the remaining liability. We also provide a 24/7 website,, to allow patients to make payments or submit questions – along with a call center which is available to the patients 8:30AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The general approach used by WFS on self-pay accounts is to make the patients feel they have received quality services from the client rather than merely having incurred a debt. WFS is, and has always been, cognizant that it is acting as a representative of its clients.

Third-Party Follow-Up

WFS takes aggressive action on third-party accounts for which payment had not been received by the facility in a timely fashion. Our responsibilities for this function include contacting insurance companies regarding outstanding accounts, verifying insurance coverage, following up on third-party and patient payments, requesting copies of medical records and bills for forwarding to insurers, and performing all functions required to expedite payment on the outstanding receivables.

WFS’ staff also actively follows up on rejected and denied claims to ensure that payment is ultimately received. Working intensively with third-party payers provides an important benefit; through our relationships with individual payers, WFS is able to expedite adjudication on accounts without having to wait for responses through "normal channels."

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